How to Make Supplements with a Pill Press

What you need to prepare

Clean working space with a table, gloves, powder mixer, ziplock bag, spoon/scoop, your formula, tablet press.

Let’s break it into steps.

  • Clean working space

You want to be sure that the working space you chose is ready for your powder and the final product – tablets. This is to prevent cross-contamination with dirt and dust.  Most professional operations utilize a clean room which is beyond the scope of this article.

  • Gloves

It is recommended to use gloves for manipulation with your formula. Natural latex/rubber gloves are sufficient.  Or use nitrite gloves if you have an allergy. 


  • Powder MIxer

Be sure to clean your mixer after each use. Hot water with dish soap works great and be sure to check their are no little bits left. 

  • Your Formula

Take your active and passive ingredients add them to the mixer.  You should mix for at least 30 minutes or longer.  Please do not add more than the recommend amount of mix.  

Once your formula is mixed properly the next step would be to put it into a tablet press of your choice.

  • Tablet press


Add your powder the the hopper and start your machine up. Please do not leave your machine unsupervised.  All pill presses can have pills that jam.  Only the TDP 5 MARK II is capable of automatically sensing this and turning off.  Any other machine may suffer motor damage if it is jammed and left for to long.

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