Why Start a Supplement Comnpany?

Are you looking to become your own boss?   What if you don’t have over $100,000 which is the minimum to start most businesses.  We have the solution…….. start a supplement company.  We have already helped many people start supplement companies, which have a low overhead and potential for huge profits.  

Here’s why a supplement company can work for you too:

1). It’s low cost to start

A supplement company is very cheap to start.  For under $5,000 you can purchase professional level equipment, such as our Mark II TPD 5 pill press. The you can just follow a few easy steps following our guide and be on your way.

Currently supplements business is worth a reported $26 Billion Dollars and is growing year on year.  You have many categories to choose from:  weight loss, fitness and many other categories.  

2). It’s easy to scale up

It’s estimated that the health  and wellness supplement industry is growing approximately 20% a year. This means their is plenty of room for you to find your market share.

Like any business you will need to find your own niche to sell your products. But once you do, it will be easy to do business and scale up large as you want to.

3). You don’t have to have much customer interaction

You may be thinking that you will be stuck doing sales call’s daily or that you will be stuck shipping constantly.  In reality it is much easier than that. You can sell to shops, health and fitness centers or on your own website or online marketplace.

Selling on online market places is going to be the quickest way to get cash coming in. If this isn’t for you though then focus to finding sales in your local community.

4). You don’t need to rent a warehouse or office

Depending on where you live and local guidelines, you can usually run small supplement companies from your home.  Removing the need to spend money on warehouse or office space.

5). You don’t have to spend time doing research

People think to start they need a chemist to come up with their secret formula.  Fact is that you can easily find most recipes online.  And once you do you can easily specialize in one type of supplement removing the need for further research.  You don’t Don’t need to make something completely original to make a profit, and most companies don’t.

6). Raw ingredients are easy to source online

You can easily find the ingredients you need online.  In fact if you purchase from us we will gladly supply the supplier list to you free of charge.

7). Creating your brand is cheap  to do and fast

Using  like Fiverr you can get a professional logo, website and even advertising campaign in no time.  You should be able to do it all for a few hundred dollars.

8). You don’t even have to send all the products yourself.

We always recommned  utilizing a service like “Fulfiled By Amazon” you don’t even have to store the goods yourself. You just send everything to Amazon and they send everything out for you. You just sit back and enjoy the profits.

If you want any information or have questions starting a supplement business then fee free to contact us.

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